Hillsong – Do What You Say ; I cry from my heart, I want to please You, LordTo serve You each day, love You and learn all Your waysYou said, […]

Jack Johnson – Drowning ; Drink the water drink it downThis time I know I’m boundTo spit it back upI didn’t want this Salty substitute,Just not going to doI need […]

Los Lobos – Everybody Loves A Train ; [Spoken:]A long time down away on Eastside, Southside,Los Angeles, Detroit, America, you. S. A.Sittin’ right about here watchin’ high heelsAnd sneakers tread […]

Duran Duran – Starting To Remember ; How to begin do I she’d a skin?Now that I am starting to rememberIt takes a whileBut you find a way to open […]

Marco Borsato – Alleen ; De maan verschijntEn jij komt op bezoekIn mijn herinnering Je zwijgtEn lachtVerzacht de pijn voor evenTotdat ik weer ontwaakMet nietsAlleen De tijd heeft spijtDat hij […]

Rush – Digital Man ; His world is under observation —We monitor his stationUnder faces and the placesWhere he traces points of view He picks up scraps of conversation —Radio […]

Elvis Costello – Boy With A Problem ; I feel like a boy with a problemI can’t believe what we’ve forgottenAnd I even slapped your face and made you cry […]